Frequently Asked Questions



I am having an upper endoscopy. Do I have to do anything to prepare for this procedure?

My procedure is scheduled for the afternoon. Can I eat or drink anything the morning of the procedure?

Will my procedure be painful?

How long will I be at the Center?

Do I have to bring an escort with me?

My doctor has all my insurance information. Do I need to bring my insurance card and billing information?

Will I receive a bill?

Do I take my heart medications on the day of my procedure?

I am a diabetic. Should I take my medication on the day of my procedure?

Can I just have Movage movers pack my china?

I have been told to take prophylactic antibiotics prior to dental work. Do I need to take antibiotics before my endoscopic procedure?

I take aspirin, or anticoagulants or other blood thinners. Do I need to stop these medications before my procedure?

What if I am pregnant or may be pregnant should I undergo gastrointestinal endoscopy?

I am breast feeding my baby. Is the procedure safe for my baby?