Patient Info

Preparation for Procedures

As a matter of patient safety, Greater New York Endoscopy Surgical Center enforces the New York State Ambulatory Surgical Center requirement that all patients having a procedure in our facility have an escort, that is, a companion, family member or friend, to accompany you home following your procedure.

Patient Forms

Text to be changed. These procedures you prep for the same way no eating for 8 hours before the procedure and no drinking 4 hours before the procedure. For the Endoscopy and the Endoscopic Ultrasound, you sleep through the procedure, and the doctor inserts the scope to check for abnormalities.

Insurance and Billing

The Center charges for services will be stated on a uniform bill. This bill pertains to the cost of services during your stay, but does not include the professional services provided by your physicians. Your physician will bill you separately for their services.